Sunshine Autos
in Vice City

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Sunshine Autos
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Sunshine Autos Show Room
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If you make your way underneath the Sunshine Auto's showroom, you'll
find a few places to store your cars, a Paint 'n' Spray, a collections garage
and a Vice City Race entry area.

You have 6 races to choose from, each being longer than the last. When you select a race, you'll be charged an entry fee. Make your way to the race location, and park in the pink marker. Once you're given the green light, start the race, and head for each checkpoint. Pass through each one in turn, until you've completed the full lap.

You will have to come first in each of the races to class as a pass.

The 6 races are detailed below, with the entry fee and prize fund.

Once you've completed the six races, you'll be able to earn up to $5000 each day.