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Boat Yard

Boat Yard
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The Boat Yard is available to you for $10,000.

There is only one task you need to complete for the Boat Yard before
you are able to earn a profit on the property.

There will be two speedboats down in the water. Pick one, and get into it. This will start off your challenge.

A series of checkpoints will appear in the water. You have to pass through each of these checkpoints in the order that the come in, within the given time limit. If you pass though all the checkpoints in time, you'll have completed the Boat Yard asset.

Time is very limited on this race, so of you miss any of the checkpoints and have to go back, chances are you'll not complete the race. If you miss one of the checkpoints from a jump, you defiantly will not win the race, so there isn't any point carrying one. Just restart and try again.

Once you've completed the mission for the Boat Yard, you'll be able to earn up to $2000 each day. To collect it, simply walk into the spinning dollar sign outside the Boat Yard.