Vercetti Estate
in Vice City

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Washington Street
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Vercetti Estate

Vercetti Estate
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You take ownership of Diaz's mansion when you've completed the
Rub Out mission.

Here, you can save your game using the spinning cassette, which is in
Diaz's office.

You can also use the garage to store
vehicles for you to use later. There is also
a helicopter on the roof.

When you start collecting hidden packages
your rewards will be placed outside, to the
left of the property.

Once you've completed the Cop Land
mission, you'll start earning protection
money from local businesses.

To collect your money, simply walk into the spinning dollar sign, which is located
just outside the main entrance. You can earn a max of $5000 per day from the
protection money, so collect it often. The Vercetti Estate Property
Location: Starfish Island Picture of the Spinning Dollar in Vice City